I am feeling vulnerable. That is okay.

I reread Brené Brown’s The Gifts of Imperfection. Once again, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

What jumped out at me this time? Brené offers this self-soothing for the times when we are afraid. “I am feeling vulnerable. That is okay. I am thankful for….”

I’ve been using that, over and over, in my times of fear. (Often irrational fear.) I know that I can be overcome with fear. I know that many of my fears are completely irrational. And I know that it makes complete sense that I have some – if not all – of my fears.

But I don’t have to live my life ruled – or restrained – by my fears. I told a client the other day that I’ve learned to admit to others, and to ask for help, when I’m overcome with irrational fears. When my kids are twenty minutes late, I know it’s irrational to be afraid that something awful has happened, and I know it’s where I’ll go left to my own devices. So I nearly always turn to my husband and say, “I’m afraid, and I know it’s irrational, but I’m afraid.” That always eases my fear.

As does […]

I am ready to be ready

I (often) believe – or know – that everything is always working out for me. I (often) remember that, and remembering that always brings me ease.

I (often) believe – or know – that I don’t have to push hard to make everything happen. I don’t have to try harder, or more, or better. I (often) remember that, and remembering that always brings me release.

I (often) believe – or know – that my job right now is to do what’s right in front of me and to also enjoy what’s right in front of me. To breathe. To bask. To notice. To enjoy. I (often) remember that, and remembering that always brings me peace.

There are many things I want to have happen. I can’t force them. I don’t have to. I’ve learned that I’ve most likely done (and am doing) all I can and need to do, and now it’s just a matter of making myself ready for it to happen…by being – fully being, happily being – in my now.

I can listen to the kids playing in the neighbor’s pool. I can watch the flowers moving in the breeze. I can pay attention to the sunshine […]

I am Love Embodied

That’s what my friend “titled” me, when she titled all of us in our Positive Psychology program. Love Embodied. It was amazing how everyone’s new title fit – and captured – them so well. It was amazing how much mine was the essence of everything I believe and every way I want to be.

Love Embodied.

We had to define our purpose in our program. That was easy. My purpose is to love and be loved.

Perhaps I didn’t receive enough love – or at least enough healthy love – when I was young and that is why I love so much and so wholeheartedly. Perhaps my upbringing in a cult was destructive, but perhaps it also indoctrinated me to love with all my heart. Perhaps my journey towards health and recovery has taught me to come from love – self-love, love of others, love for the world – and to search out ways to connect and to share joy, beauty, and caring.

Whatever the reason, I love to love. And my friend recognized this. Recognized it enough to give me a nameplate.

Love Embodied.

I wear my new title proudly. I choose love each and every day. I love […]