I am Love Embodied

That’s what my friend “titled” me, when she titled all of us in our Positive Psychology program. Love Embodied. It was amazing how everyone’s new title fit – and captured – them so well. It was amazing how much mine was the essence of everything I believe and every way I want to be.

Love Embodied.

We had to define our purpose in our program. That was easy. My purpose is to love and be loved.

Perhaps I didn’t receive enough love – or at least enough healthy love – when I was young and that is why I love so much and so wholeheartedly. Perhaps my upbringing in a cult was destructive, but perhaps it also indoctrinated me to love with all my heart. Perhaps my journey towards health and recovery has taught me to come from love – self-love, love of others, love for the world – and to search out ways to connect and to share joy, beauty, and caring.

Whatever the reason, I love to love. And my friend recognized this. Recognized it enough to give me a nameplate.

Love Embodied.

I wear my new title proudly. I choose love each and every day. I love […]

Permission to be human

Perhaps you’ve heard this concept – permission to be human. I was reminded of it yesterday during the completion of my Positive Psychology program. Someone in the room mentioned that the process we’d gone through, and the Positive Psychology content (as well as the people in the class), had given them the permission to be human. To have feelings. To make mistakes. To not know. And not do.

Over the years I have learned to give myself permission to be human. I learn it again and again and again. I’ve learned to embrace “Oops!” again and again and again.

I used to think I was alone in my need to be more than human. Or super human. Or above human. It astounds me that so many – if not all – of us carry that internal critic and pressure. So many – if not all – of us feel compelled to never let anyone down, to never drop any balls, to never make a wrong choice.

Let’s give it up, huh?

Just like, as we sit in stopped traffic on the highway, my husband and I wonder what might happen if everyone just went 60 mph at the same time […]

A good exercise in not beating myself up

Something is not going exactly as I want it to go. I hate that. ☺

I faced a personal challenge a few years back, and I mostly eased and allowed myself all the way through it. I learned a great deal. I grew a lot. I evolved and changed and became even more of myself and more of whom I want to be.

And then it came back. At least a little bit. I hate that as well. ☺

I know – at least most of the time – that I will ease and allow and get through this again. I remember – from my positive psychology certification – to remind myself that I have handled everything that has happened to me so far, and I therefore can and will handle (and am handling) this as well. I realize – when I’m thinking clearly – that I will, once again, learn and grow and evolve and change and become.

And mostly I recognize that one of my first reactions to the struggle and challenge is to somehow blame myself for being here again. And that not only will not help me, but also there’s no reason to blame myself.

That’s […]