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Beauty is all around you. Don’t miss it.

Yoga class this morning, and this was the instructor’s instruction to us. It’s something I know. Something (I think) I practice. And something I can stand to be reminded of again and again and again.

And again.

There is so much pain and suffering in the world. There is so much to look at that is, or at least can be, upsetting. I could find reasons to be in pain and anguish in lives around me, and in my own life as well.

And there is so much beauty. It’s there for me to see, if I’ll just notice it.

It doesn’t mean the awful isn’t awful. It doesn’t mean I’m slapping a smiley face on the things that hurt, and suck, and need to be changed. It doesn’t mean I’m not going to fight the good fights and change what I can – in myself, my life, and my world.

It just means that in the midst of that fight, in the midst of every day, I can stop and notice. And notice again. I can literally and figuratively smell the roses.

It’s the sun shining again after a storm. Laughter with my friends of decades, as we eat a fine dinner looking over the ocean, with fireworks exploding behind us. It’s running into a good friend whom I haven’t seen for too long, and having a few minutes at a high school football game, as we even won the game. It’s the horde of yellow birds I saw not once but twice today.

I can pay attention to all the wonder and splendor and glory and love that surrounds me. Or I can not.

Beauty is all around you. Beauty is all around me. Don’t miss it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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Joy is my highest purpose

In my Positive Psychology certification course, we had to name our life’s purpose. It is clear to me – very clear to me – that my purpose is to love. To love others. To love myself. To spread and share and rejoice in more and more love in this world. I firmly believe it’s what we need and what will heal us (which we need now even more than ever).

My purpose is also joy. Deep-hearted, full-bodied, life-sustaining joy. To find reasons to be joyful. To spread joy as well. To see the beauty in the world around me and rejoice in it. Savor it. Bask in it. Call it out and affirm it. (Have I mentioned that I’ve seen yellow birds – many yellow birds – every day? It’s as if they’re seeking me out.)

There are so many reasons to be joyful each and every day – even the hard days. And there are so many reasons to miss the reasons to be joyful. I have to train my heart and soul and senses to look for joy and to notice it. I have to remind my mind that even just a bit of joy will fuel my heart and soul.

I live to love. I live to connect. I live for joy and laughter and beauty. I notice the sun dappling on the trees. The bluest sky and yellowest birds. The snuggle with my son. The time with my friends. The ease in my heart and soul.

There is joy and love abounding, if I open myself to it. I’m going to look for it and delight in it. To luxuriate in it and wallow in it and celebrate it.

Joy and love are my highest purpose.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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I’ve found the steps to letting go

Something was irking at me, hard and deep. I was hurt and angry, and I couldn’t seem to find my way through or past it, no matter how much I wanted to be through and past it.

I wasn’t sure what I should do, or could do, even though I teach people what to do when they’re stuck. Somehow, all the usual suggestions and guidance I offer fell flat.

I know I process verbally, out loud, talking it through – at times ad nauseam much to the chagrin of my friends and family. I need to process; I need them to listen. And listen some more.

I grabbed a friend and asked her to listen. And listen some more. I poured out my pain, my anger, my confusion. I questioned if I was taking full responsibility for my part or full responsibility for the other person’s part as well. I can often take too much responsibility, as this friend (and others) have reminded me. “Am I trying to be perfect?” I asked. “Am I trying to fix?” “Am I trying too hard?”

I poured. I purged. I promised to do nothing until my surge of pain subsided. I know better than trying to be rational and to come from love when I’m lost in my own perspective and ache.

I remembered that on my way to meet my friend, a yellow bird had flown past me, and on my way home from meeting my friend, a yellow bird flew past me again.

Yellow birds are one of my interpretations of the universe reminding me that I’m loved and cared for, of the universe reminding me that all is, and will be, well. Yellow birds are a hug, an affirmation, a blessing. A reminder that I am blessed and that I always have the ability to rise above anything. Even if it hurts.

Another friend from my Positive Psychology course emailed me pictures of the yellow bird that visited her on her deck. I now have many, many people looking for yellow birds.

My hurt and anger lifted. I don’t know exactly how. I don’t know exactly why. I’m pretty sure it was my steps, and I don’t want to question it.

My steps:

  1. Let it out. Get it out. Find a friend or someone with whom you (I) can process and purge.
  2. Let the universe remind you – however it reminds you – that you are loved and all is well.
  3. Believe it.

I’m at ease, at least for now. If my hurt or anger come back, I’ll follow my steps again.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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