to the moon and back:
a childhood under the influence

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Lisa Kohn’s memoir of being raised in and torn between two conflicting worlds. There was the world she longed for and lived in on weekends – her mother’s world, which was the fanatical, puritanical cult of the Moonies – and the world she was forced to live in during the week – her father’s world, which was based in sex, drugs, and the squalor of life in New York City’s East Village in the 1970’s.

To the Moon and Back

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You really need to read this book, because it’s awesome.

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Jenny Lawson, the Bloggess 'New York Times' bestselling author of 'Furiously Happy'

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What Lisa Does

Lisa Kohn

Lisa’s long-running blog offers hope and joy to others who may feel beaten or damaged by their upbringing or circumstances.
Lisa shares stories from her past, as well as her challenges, peace, and healing of today.

to the moon
and back

Told with spirited candor,
to the moon and back reveals
how one can leave behind
absurdity and horror and create a life of intention and joy. This is the fascinating tale of a story rarely told in its full complexity.

Coaching, Consulting, & Speaking

As a Chatsworth Consulting Group Partner, Lisa focuses on leadership consulting and executive coaching, spending time speaking, writing, teaching, and presenting approaches to life and business.

Lisa Kohn Writes

Love is my religion

It’s a song they often play during our yoga practice. It’s a song that sings to my heart. I feel as if I’ve learned and evolved so much since to the moon and back came out nearly two-and-a-half years ago. This whole process threw me deep into revisiting,...
Love myself most

Love myself most

I was listening to the Real Rebel Podcast – to Sheri Salata on the Real Rebel Podcast. And they reminded me about “love myself most.” I remember when a co-conspirator in my Positive Psychology certification course offered me her mantra – “love yourself first.” It blew...

I’m in a growth spurt

I’m in a growth spurt

I’m visiting my nephew. I think he’s getting longer and lankier each day I’m here. It makes me remember once reading that “growing pains” are real. Sometimes our bodies grow so quickly that it actually physically hurts. Somewhat all over, I’ve been told. And for no...

Find the ease. It’s there somewhere.

Find the ease. It’s there somewhere.

A (virtual) yoga practice. A (necessary) reminder. Find the ease. It’s there somewhere. I am, in so many ways, looking at my push and my drive and my frantic fanaticism. I know these parts of me felt essential when I was young. Perhaps they were essential. I know they...

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Thank you @ICSAHome Can't wait for the interview #tothemoonandback #IGotOut #meettheauthor
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International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) @ICSAHome
THIS SATURDAY! Q&A available for LIVE attendees.

12pm EST, March 6th Author interview with Lisa Kohn on her book: To the Moon and Back: A Childhood under the Influence

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Read Lisa Kohn's article on how she learned to face her terrors, allow joy & overcome a traumatic childhood to become more Thoughtful & present in her life & leadership @drrhanson #tothemoonandback #thoughtfulleaders #IGotOut LisaKohnWrites photo
1 day ago
Check out my interview TOMORROW at 12pm EST

I'll be talking about #tothemoonandback and there will be live Q&A

There are too many people affected by cults

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