Just breathe

Again yoga. Again a learning. A huge learning. A duh-uh learning, but huge nonetheless.

I’m not sure if the instructor said it, or if I just thought it. But all of a sudden, as I “worked through” a pose, “just breathe” popped into my mind.

Like, just breathe. Like, you don’t have to do anything other than breathe.

I didn’t have to work through, or into, a pose. I didn’t have to move to get into the perfect stance or to fix my alignment. I didn’t have to keep fixing, and fixing, and fixing the positioning of my limbs.

All I had to do was breathe. And breathe again. I know it’s quite simple, but it felt revolutionary when I realized it.

Then I realized that “just breathe” applied to the rest of my life as well, not just my yoga. I don’t have to work through, or figure out, anything. I don’t have to move to get into the perfect attitude or to fix my mindset. I don’t have to keep fixing, and fixing, and fixing…anything.

All I have to do is breathe. And breathe again.

I don’t think this should have been so astounding when it popped into […]

There is hope after…

I want everyone to know that there is hope.

I remember when I felt hopeless. When things felt like too much, and I felt like too little. I remember when my brother came to stay with me one night when I didn’t want to be alone, because I had lost hope. I remember when – all those years ago – there seemed like there would never be a break from my anguish, never be a release of my traumas and terrors. I remember when – just recently – I fell back into my fears and anguish for a bit, and again it seemed like there would never be a way out.

I’m here to say, there is.

There is hope after anguish. There is hope after pain. There is hope after suffering.

There is hope after hitting a bottom. And another bottom. And another bottom.

There is hope after remembering things you wish you didn’t remember and facing things you don’t want to face. There is hope after having a week (or weeks) when you felt like you couldn’t get off the couch. Or you actually couldn’t get off the couch.

There is hope.

I know I haven’t hit the […]

Have fun with it or forget about it

I wrote a few years ago about – in my view – the importance of having fun. Of intentionally choosing to have fun.

I’m writing about it again.

In My Humble Opinion, fun is underrated. Fun is undervalued. And fun is underused.

And In My Humble Opinion, it often comes down to a matter of choice.

Someone whose opinion I value offered this in fact – “Have fun with it or forget about it.” That, I believe is a call to action. A throwing down of the gauntlet. A challenge worth taking.

It’s a drastically new approach for me for decide if something is fun or not, and then if it is to plunge into it wholeheartedly and whole-energetically, and if it’s not to walk away and forget about it. I think it goes against every ingrained grain of my psyche that lives by the “Do the work. Do the hard work. Don’t ever give up. Give it more if it’s harder. Don’t fail. Ever.” mentality.

Which is probably why it’s a great approach for me to take.

Every time I push even a little bit against my over-doer, over-achiever, over-driven being, I believe it’s a good thing. I may […]