CB048754I’m sitting at the kitchen table, with a cup of tea.  It’s pouring outside.  My son is upstairs in his room, playing “basketball” against the wall.  My daughter is out.  She’s driving herself home tonight.  It’s her first time to drive in the pouring rain.  I have tons to do – fold laundry, clear out emails, clean the kitchen, put my son to bed, write a blog or two for my work blog, and worry about my daughter driving home.  Why am I starting this blog?

I’m starting it because then I don’t have to think about my daughter driving.  I’m starting it because I have something to say.  At least I hope I do.  I’ve written a memoir (more about that later) and I want to share it.  A blog seems a great way to get the word out.  Besides, it’s also a great way – I hope – to connect with people.  And I love to write.

I figured that out when I started writing my memoir (again, more on that later).  I sat down to tell my story, to put it all on paper, and I fell in love.  I can, and did, sit for hours putting thoughts into words.  I can, and did, stay awake well past my bedtime crafting sentences and crossing out paragraphs.  I love to think it through.  I love to find the perfect words.  I love to edit when it’s written.  I love to write.

So my blog is a chance to write.  To spill forth what’s in my head and capture it for someone to read.  To share the stories, situations, and realizations that make me me and that hit me like a two-by-four at odd hours of the day.  The epiphanies that make life so wonderful and full.  The simple moments that are full of awe.  It’s a chance to share the challenges that at times still haunt me and the practices that ease my way through.  To share my journey and my path – and hopefully learn from others.

An old friend and I were texting across the ocean earlier tonight.  He offered stories of his great grandfather who was known as a war hero but was actually nearly discharged from the army.  I paused before offering my stories.  I have stories, and I love to tell them – as much, at times, as I love to write – but I want to tell stories that uplift.  That share joy.  That bring smiles.

So I’m writing my blog.  I think my life is interesting.  It’s interesting to me.  I don’t know if you’ll find it interesting, but hopefully you will.  Either way I’m writing this blog.  I want to capture what’s right about life and share it here.  Welcome to LisaKohnWrites.

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