I guess that thought might seem a bit pithy – “it feels good to feel good.” But it’s also true. It feels so good to feel good. And I sometimes forget to notice and remember that. What a loss.

I’ve heard that what is great about the contrast in our lives – the tougher points that may cause us sadness or confusion or frustration, or any thing we don’t want to feel – is that it helps us to notice more fully the things that feel better, once we feel better. I find that to be so true as well. When I feel challenged, I more actively feel the release as the challenge lifts. When I struggle, I more consciously notice my joy when the struggle is over. When I feel pain, or angry, or any emotion that doesn’t feel good, I feel more of a sense of peace as that emotion dissipates. As I accept what is and allow things to move on.

It feels so good to feel good. I want to notice it and relish it. I want to bask in it and appreciate it. I want to let it flow through me (like the vessel I’m being taught to be – to let the good and bad flow through me as life carries on), and to call it out and hold it dear and hold it high for all – especially me – to pay attention to and feel and remember.

It feels good to feel good. There’s not much more that I can say about that, other than to repeat it endlessly because I also think it feels good just to say “it feels good to feel good.” And, in case you haven’t noticed, I’d rather feel good.  So it seems to be a rather easy way to remind myself to do so.

May you feel good today!

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