The other day a dear friend posted on her Facebook page, “What a difference a day makes.” I liked the post and sat with the thought. She posted it on a day that was a bit tough for me, a day that I was actively reaching for ways to feel okay and better and stronger. A day that I was going out of my way to call out the things I noticed and enjoyed, the people my life was graced with, the blessings I have that I sometimes take for granted.

And today I agree with her, what a difference a day makes. I woke up rested and energized – excited for the day and filled with strength to embrace, and maybe even enjoy, whatever comes my way. What a difference a day makes.

Sometimes, when things are tough, we only need to make it through one more day, or one more hour, or just the very moment we’re faced with that seems too much. I’ve been consciously keeping myself in the moment – taking a breath and noticing where I am and that I’m completely, totally, absolutely okay in my moment. This keeps me from worrying about the future, or trying to change something over which I have no control. It keeps me aware and conscious and remembering that I am okay – right here and right now. I suppose that’s why the twelve-step programs offer the concept of “one day at a time.” Or one minute at a time. When things seem overwhelming and insurmountable, there’s still a good chance that I can survive and be okay for just a day. Or just an hour. Or just right now. Maybe that’s why another friend gave me a little token to remind me to breathe!

For me it works to deliberately focus my thoughts on something that feels better, that I like to think about, that brings a smile to my face. I’ve been noticing the beauty of the trees around me, the gorgeous day, the moon in a daylight sky, the sweet sound of a baby’s play, the feel of the breeze against my skin. I’ve been remembering, noticing, and trusting that right now I am okay, or I feel good, or there is joy – which offers me the space and grace.

What a difference a day makes. May yours be glorious and bright.

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