My mind was quiet in yoga this morning!

I know yoga is supposed to calm your mind. I know you’re supposed to be focused only on your breathing and your pose and your yoga. I know it’s supposed to be a chance to center and be quiet.

I know all this and yet sometimes my mind races, even as I breathe my way through my practice. Something the teacher says resonates with me, and I repeat it over and over (and over) in my mind so that I’ll remember it (and use it in my blog). I go off on a tangent, thinking about what I have to do, or what I didn’t get done, or anything.

But this morning, it was quiet. Well at least for most of the practice. This morning I fully stayed with my breath. I was present. I was on my mat. I was in the room.

I can easily tell you how it was different. I felt calmer and more centered. I felt at peace. I felt the expansiveness of the universe, and a love and tranquility envelop me. “Ah, this is what they’re all raving about,” I thought. And that was okay, because that was pretty much all I thought.

I can’t tell you why it was different. I don’t know why I was able to silent the often endless chatter in my brain. I do know that I’ve come to accept my often endless chatter, and even value my ability to remember the inspiring comments my teacher makes so that I can share them on my blog. I’ve come to laugh at the thoughts that prance around inside my mind as I hold still in a yoga pose, and I’m proud that I can accept often endless chatter and laugh at it.

But the quiet was nice. So nice. So nice that it makes me want to have it again. It makes me want to figure out where my “off” switch is and how I hit it, even if I hit it by mistake or inadvertently. Because maybe I can hit it more often, and maybe I can hit it on purpose. Maybe I can even hit it outside of yoga. Maybe I can have that peace and tranquility in more of my life. Maybe I can have it when I’m doing dishes. Or working at my desk. Or sitting with my son. Maybe I can find that quiet and hold it more often. Or at least more often during yoga.

Although I don’t know what I’ll blog about if I don’t remember what my yoga teacher said!

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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2 thoughts on “My mind was quiet in yoga this morning!

  1. Lisa, your post made my heart soar. What you experienced on your mat is exactly why I have been teaching yoga for so many years. The direct experience of your quiet self cannot be bought for all of the money in the world. I bow to you for sharing. Cara

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