Apparently that’s not exactly what actress Sally Fields said when she won her second Oscar. Apparently she said, “You like me. Right now you like me.” But she’s quoted as saying “You like me. You really like me!” all the time. I think it’s funnier and have been using that quote for years.

Then I had my own, “You like me. You really like me!” moment just recently. A good friend had stopped by for a cup of tea and to catch up, and as we sat on the couch in my living room, she told me that a friend of hers had forwarded her a blog post of mine, with a note. The note said, “You really have to see this!

All I could think was, “They like me. They really like me.”

Sometimes I wonder why I write my blog. I mean, I do like to write, but it can be a bit tiring to churn out two blog posts a week. Sometimes I’m inspired, but sometimes it’s a chore.

And sometimes I’m stuck for a topic. What if nothing interesting or inspiring has happened to me in the past few days? What if my yoga teacher didn’t say anything particularly stirring during class? What if everyone is tired of my musings, my experiences, and my yoga insights anyway?

I question myself often, or at least my blog. I know I want to make a difference, to share something worthwhile, to move readers and to challenge them to challenge themselves, their current points of view. But does anyone care?

And then my friend tells me that someone I don’t know forwarded my blog post to her, not knowing that she and I were friends, and I think, maybe it is worthwhile. Maybe it offers something to someone, at least every now and then.

Is it human nature to want to make an impact, or is that just me? Is it human nature to doubt you’re making an impact, or is that just me? Am I just talking to myself, or am I talking to myself too much, when I post?

Or does it not matter, as long as I enjoy it? As long as sitting at my computer and sharing my thoughts is still something that delights me, then I should keep going.

And every now and then, someone likes me!

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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