It’s one of those stop and notice the moment moments…or not. I was sitting on my side porch, which is by far my favorite place to sit, and I happened to look up at the tree in front of me. I mean, really look up at it.

It’s a horse chestnut tree, and I glanced up to get a sense of when the flowers might be coming. It’s beautiful when it flowers, but it covers the side porch with pollen, so much so that every morning before I sit outside I need to sweep the floor and wipe down the furniture, or I’ll be carrying yellow dust on my body and clothes all day.

So I looked up for the flowers, and got caught by the leaves. Because they were so beautifully green. They were that “young leaf green” that is like no other. It would look weird or fake as a paint color. It’s not the type of color I generally like at all. But on the new leaves, it’s beautiful.

It shouts, “Spring is coming! I mean seriously, this time, spring is really coming!” After the winter we’ve had, and what felt like numerous false starts of spring, it’s a shout I’m happy to hear.

It shouts, “New life,” and “All is well!” It shouts, “The hardest, the coldest, is over!” It shouts, “The beauty of the flowers is next, but aren’t we a sight to behold? Just us leaves?”

They are.

The leaves are one of those moments that would be easy to miss, unless I’ve looked for it (or luckily stumbled across it while looking for something else). They are an opportunity to stop and appreciate – I mean really stop, pause, breathe and appreciate – but an opportunity that I could easily overlook in the speed of life. Because even though I’ve slowed down, I can still speed through life.

The leaves make me wonder how many moments I’m still missing. How many chances to see beauty and wonder and an acknowledgement that all (or at least mostly all) is well with the world am I’m breezing past? And how can I remember to stop and pause and breathe and appreciate? How can I make it an even more conscious choice? How can I make sure I do that?

Because the leaves are really green today. A very special green that will pass within a day or two. And I want to notice and appreciate them.

What have you noticed recently that’s brought a smile to your face and peace to your heart?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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