There’s a message in a banana

Really. There is.

The other day I was in NYC (which, of course, I love), on my way to a client meeting. I was a bit tight on time, the train running later than I expected. And I wanted a cup of coffee. A Starbucks cup of coffee.

I knew I didn’t really have time, but I also knew that I had promised myself to do more of the little things throughout my day that bring me joy. To actively choose to pamper myself whenever and however I can. And I knew that the cup of coffee, as small as it was, would bring a smile to my face and more pleasure to my day.

I pulled up my Starbucks app, and did a search for the nearest Starbucks. (I’m proud to admit I didn’t know where the nearest Starbucks was. I usually do.) I found one less than half a block out of my way, made the quick detour, checked out the line that was not too, too long, and got on it. I was going to indulge myself and buy, and enjoy, my cup of coffee.

As I waited in the not too, too long line, my mind wandered to how I had forgotten my banana. I had planned to bring a banana with me, as a snack, to tide me through the day of ill-timed meetings, one after another, all throughout the city. But I had forgotten the banana, left it sitting on the kitchen counter. Good news – I didn’t lambast myself for my slip in memory. Less good news – I didn’t have a banana and worried that I’d be hungry with nothing to tide me over.

Fast forward – I got my coffee, with nearly enough time to make it to my client’s office and not be late. I hurried to his office, checked in at the reception, and sat down to wait for him, just under the wire. And then I saw his assistant coming down the stairs. She was, by the way, carrying some fruit – an orange and a banana.

“Matt got called into a 9am emergency phone call,” she told me. “Do you have flexibility to meet with him at 9:30 instead?” I told her I did, and realized that his change in plans had easily given me the time to get (and drink and enjoy) my cup of coffee. I was glad I had chosen to take care of me first, that I had taken the time to do what I really wanted to do.

And then she said, “Hey, they have tons of free breakfast, including fruit, upstairs. Do you want anything?” And before I could answer she continued. “Do you want this banana?” And handed it to me.

The universe gave me a banana. The universe gave me time to buy my coffee and a replacement banana for the one I left sitting on the counter at home.

There’s a message in a banana. I loudly heard it as I took the banana and smiled to myself. The universe was taking care of me. I was taken care of. I had been given the time to indulge in the cup of coffee that helped make my day a better day, and I had been given a banana when I needed it – without even having to ask.

The universe provides. There’s a message in a banana.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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4 thoughts on “There’s a message in a banana

  1. I loved your post. Although some sceptics would say it was merely a coincidence that the woman handed you the banana (to replace the one you left on the counter), I can see the metaphor of the banana as what the Universe brings us in life when we are ‘open’ to receiving the bounty, if we can bring ourself to just ask for that which we desire. Keep up the great job, Lisa!

    1. Hi Karen – I agree. I could call it coincidence, or I could see it as the Universe giving me what I asked for. And I like thinking the latter! 🙂 Thanks for your comments and kind words – and let’s keep looking for what we get when we are “open.”

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