I saw a bumper sticker the other day: “Dare to do more”. It stuck with me, especially as I’m daring to do less these days. I like the combination of daring to do more and daring to do less.

What I find funny is that I decided to write “dare to do more” down on my potential blog list, so that I could remember it and share it here. But further up on my list, do you know what it said? Dare to do more. I don’t remember having seen it earlier, but I must have. And I must have been equally impressed and moved then.

“Dare to do more” probably suggests that we get more involved and make more of a difference in the world. Since I’m in self-imposed retirement from saving the world, I think I’ll weigh that one carefully, and then intentionally choose where and if to dive in more. Maybe I’ll just pick a few places I’ve already begun, and dive in more wholeheartedly.

I like “dare to do more” to suggest that I can go for the big kahuna. I can chase (and get) my dreams. I can put more effort into the things that move and excite me – like Way Out and my blog. And my family. And enjoying the day.

I also like “dare to do more” to support my desire to dare to do less. I suppose that goes with enjoying the day. It is a beautiful day and I’m in my favorite place in the town where I live – on my side porch with the breeze blowing and birds singing and neighbors splashing in their pool. I could feel pressure to get things done. I could measure my success at the end of the day by how many tasks I crossed off my to-do list. Or I can know that feeling the breeze on my skin (and remembering teaching my daughter to do the same) is enough.

I think the word I like most in “dare to do more” is dare. I want to live more daringly. To jump into the deep end of the pool. To get not just my feet wet, but all the way to my very short hair. I want to dare. To be real. To be engaged. To be engaging.

I want to dare to be more, not just do more. Even while I dare to do less. There’s so much meaning in one small bumper sticker.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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