There’s a street sign in front of my neighbor’s house that I see when I sit on my side porch. It says “Watch children.”

What great advice, in so many ways. I know it refers to the need to be aware of the children on, and potentially in, the street. To be aware, be safe, and make sure you watch for children as you drive.

But it also reminds me to watch children because there is so much joy in watching children. Danny once referred to my brother and me as the “best movie he’d ever seen.” I didn’t get it at the time, but as my children have grown and I’ve been blessed with seeing them mature and become, I’ve realized how true it is. They are the best thing I’ve ever had to, or been able to, watch.

But even beyond that, the opportunity to watch children, any children, can be an invitation to joy. Children still believe that life is supposed to be fun. That they’re supposed to be having fun. That there’s almost always some way to have fun. And if there isn’t, then fun needs to be created.

Children laugh more and play more. I want to emulate that. Children are usually more at ease – with themselves and with the world. I was at my son’s band concert at the local middle school, and there was a girl of about five or six who was dancing to the music. Up and down the aisles, so full of life and full of herself. She was a joy to see.

Watch children. I want to remember to ignore my to-do list and watch my children. (Even if one of them is now technically an adult.) So that I really notice them and enjoy them and cherish them. I want to learn to watch any children around me, so that I can learn from their approach to life, their search for joy, and most of all, their certain knowledge that they will find it.

I want to remember to watch children.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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