It had been a family dinner night in Philly. I was raised to love great food and my husband has easily and happily joined that love. Now even my kids, I’m happy to say, are food snobs in the making. So every now and then we have a special family dinner. It’s a blessing to be able to do that.

Also a blessing – our convertible, the “mid-life crisis car” my husband got years ago (well before his mid-life). I’ve always loved convertibles. I love the feeling of the wind on my face. I love the sun beating down on me on a sunny day, and looking up to see the stars at night.

We decided to end our evening with a “top-down” ride home. I, again, love the breeze in a convertible (even though I’d given my younger child shot-gun, and I was in back with my older child, where the breeze is unbearable at times).

So top-down it was. And we enjoyed it. My older child was pretending it was a rollercoaster, their hands straight up in the air to feel the resistance as we drove down the highway. I joined them, and then their sibling joined as well.

The three of us were laughing and playing with the wind and the resistance, when we noticed the people in the cars next to us laughing as well. Laughing at us. But we didn’t seem to mind. Normally I wouldn’t really mind, but my kids might. But this time even they were having too much fun to let it bother them that other people thought we were silly…or weird.

I guess we were being silly. And weird. But we were having fun. It was, needless to say, another “I can’t believe how lucky I am,” moment. Delicious dinner. Delicious dinner with my family. Delicious family. Top-down convertible. And the peals of laughter from my children flying into the night.

These are the moments that blow my mind. That make me realize how amazing life is. That I hold onto when I forget that or when things get tough. It’s these simple moments that are life’s greatest gift to me.

Even if everyone else was laughing at us.

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