I had the wildest realization the other day. I have slowed down.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a lot more slowing I could do. There’s always the chance to be gentler with myself. To have a lighter attitude. To drop my need for perfection a little bit more. To rest. To breathe. To relax. But I have to admit that I have.

I am embracing and appreciating each day more. Allowing things to be as they are, and finding the simple beauty and pleasure. Not trying as hard. Not pushing as hard. Not striving as hard.

I’m lucky that I’m not too old yet and I’ve already realized that overdoing gets old. I have (hopefully) another half of my life to not do my overdoing. To let enough be enough and good enough be good enough. To breathe and enjoy my day.

Right now it’s raining. Actually it’s pouring. I’m watching the raindrops hit a skylight. They make a beautiful pattern – light and gentle.

There’s beauty in such simple things, and they’re so easy to miss as we move quickly through our days. As I move quickly through my day. Someone I love dearly is overscheduled – happily overscheduled but overscheduled nonetheless. I hope she is stopping and noticing and relishing life around her – the trees, the sunshine, her friends, her loved ones. I know how easily I can miss all of that when I’m speeding through. And how much effort I now put into slowing myself down and making sure I’m savoring my journey along the way.

Life is too short. And too amazing. I don’t want to miss it anymore. I don’t want to cloud it out with my overdoing and over-trying.

Overdoing gets old.

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