Did I mention that I sent my manuscript out to a number of agents?

I am excited, and extremely hopeful. I know that it only takes one who wants to represent me, and I’m on my way to the next step. I wouldn’t mind if there were more than one who believed in it enough to represent me, so that I had to choose. But just one will be fine.

I know it’s relatively too soon to have heard back from them. And yet I’m hopeful for a phone call. I want a phone call because I think email might be a bit more likely to be a “thank you, but…” message. If they want me, they’ll want to talk with me. But an email would be fine.

I want it to happen soon, if not now, and to happen in the exact way(s) I have imagined. I want enthusiasm and brainstorming of ideas on how to make it even better and where to submit it to. I want “I can’t believe you did this,” and “this is great! I couldn’t put it down.” But however it happens is fine.

I want someone in my court, by my side, and whispering in my ear. Someone, besides me and my family and friends, who knows my manuscript can, and should, be a book. A successful book. I want someone who challenges me to make it even better, cheers for me when things go well (or not so well), and guides me on the path to birthing this baby. I’ve birthed two others, surely I can birth this one…although it’s been a hell of a long gestation period!

I love to write. I want to write more. I love when people tell me that my memoir, or my blog, touches them. When they identify with my path and join me on my journey to an ever-expanding whole and happy life. I love this entire process.

Except for the waiting. The waiting is the hardest part. I do like wondering if today will be the day that I’ll hear great news, but I don’t like checking even semi-constantly for an email response or update. I do like imaging the next step – working with an agent to prepare for submission to publishing houses – or even the step after that – working with an editor and publishing house to prepare for printing and release. But I don’t like worrying that it may not happen, or not happen soon enough.

But I generally get out of those not enjoyable (and not helpful) thoughts pretty quickly. And allow myself to imagine, wonder, and envision the phone call that changes my life (or at least my writing experience). I generally manage to wait with at least some grace.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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