I’m pretty sure I read this in Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now. It stuck with me – even though I can’t remember exactly where I read it!

I read it probably over a year ago, and found it extremely powerful when I did. And then, like so many concepts that I like or that help me, I promptly applied it for at least a few days and moved on. Until I stumbled on it again in my list of concepts I want to remember – a great idea for those of us who forget.

It is powerful because honestly, in this moment, right now, nothing is lacking. Well, I’m waiting for people to wake up so that I can head to the gym to work out, but that is truly nothing to be upset about. And I’m eager for my post-workout latte (yes, Robbie, I am supporting the Gryphon!), but is anything lacking in this moment? No.

Nothing is lacking and yet I could make something up or blow something out of proportion or find something to worry about…if I wanted to. I could ruminate on something that didn’t go as well as I would have liked, or something I f—d up, but neither of those are necessary. Or even true. I could think too much about anything (or everything). I could worry whether my choices are the right ones or my actions are the truest and sweetest or if I’m as good a mom or friend or wife or daughter or sister as I want to be. I could worry that I worry too much. I could worry that I worry that I worry too much.

You get the picture.

But, honestly – and honestly easily – in this moment, nothing is lacking. I’m about to head to the gym. I’ll have my latte later and thoroughly enjoy it. The sun is shining. The snow outside is sparkling. It’s a little too cold for me, but truly all is well.

I think I’ll remember this question a bit longer this time, and ask it of myself when it will help. When I’m worrying or feeling sad. When I’m in fear or out of the moment. When I just need a dose of reality and focus.

What, in this moment, is lacking? Nothing. I’m going to enjoy it.

How do you enjoy it? Please let me know.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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