Let it go. That’s how it’s going to happen anyway.

“Let it go. That’s how it’s going to happen anyway.”

That’s what my yoga instructor said this morning during class. That’s what I really needed to hear.

She was talking about relaxing into the position we were holding. That was no big deal for me. I was thinking about how I’m starting to get obsessed again about taking the next step with Way Out. I’m waiting to hear from a few agents. I’m eager to start editing and writing again. I’m excited to move forward. I want to NOW!

But the reality is, as always, that I need to let it go. That it probably will happen, but nothing I can do can really make it happen sooner. Especially when I’m waiting on others.

I’ve found this to be true time and time again. I know I need to let go. I know that when I do let go, invariably something happens. It might be exactly what I want. It might not. But somehow in my letting go, movement always arises. I know this. I know it fully. And still I find it hard to do.

I am an action-oriented person. I like to take control and push things along. I like to pull up the tulips I’ve planted to see how they’re doing, or at least do everything I can to help them grow quicker. And better.

But I can’t. Tulips will grow as they grow. Way Out will progress as it progresses.

I need to let it go – to stop checking my email somewhat compulsively, to stop letting it dictate my mood and my day. And I am.

That’s how it’s going to happen anyway.

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2 thoughts on “Let it go. That’s how it’s going to happen anyway.

  1. So, right on with your observation and perspective. In my 12-step program, that slogan is one of the first we learn “Let go, Let God”, although it took awhile to understand. As a person with control issues and trouble trusting that things will get done when I want or people will respond as fast as I need, well, your post was a wonderful reminder to start off my day…Thank you.

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