I spent all day today working, which is fine, but it is a Sunday, and I’m not supposed to work on Sundays. Not really. Not all day. But I did and I loved it.

I loved it because I was lucky enough to be working across a table from my older kid, who lives over 1200 miles – and 19 driving hours – from home. I was visiting for the weekend, and they needed to work. So I needed to work. Honestly, as they know, I would have done just about anything that they wanted or needed to do. (In fact, just as I typed this they asked me, “How much do you want to fill up my water bottle?” Needless to say, I filled up their water bottle.)

Why is spoiling them – in any little way I can – such a gift for me? Why is spending the weekend catching up on all the work, and emails, I’ve fallen behind on, such a delight? Why is this “boring” day such a joy?

Obviously it’s because I’m with them, and I’m not usually with them any more. Obviously it’s because I enjoy being with them. Obviously it’s because I make the effort to focus on the moment and appreciate – even relish – the moment. Obviously it’s because I savor, I luxuriate in, and I adore the fact that they asked me to visit this weekend and offered (agreed?) to spend all day with me today, even if we were working.

There is such joy in this day, and as I sit here watching the students study and hang out and play pool, I want to notice and call out and enjoy my joy. As we spend the afternoon aqua-jogging (they need to and, as I’ve said before, I’ll do pretty much anything for and with them, even aqua-jog with a flotation belt to stay afloat), I want to continue to relish and savor the moments and conversations and experiences. I know we’ll find something to crack up about. We always do when we work out together and I attempt to keep up with them. As we take their friends out to dinner, I want to pay attention to their conversation and friendships (as I delight in treating them to a meal away from the dining hall).

There is such joy in my “boring” day of work. I am showing up for it with everything I’ve got.

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