Again, a useful thought from my yoga instructor.

Now she was talking about straight leg triangle, but I think this pertains to life. If I think my stance should be wider, it probably should. If I think I know the answer I need, I probably do. If I think something would be better a different way, it probably would. Bottom line – I CAN TRUST MYSELF!!!

When and how do we learn to not trust our gut instincts?

I realize I may have learned not to trust myself at a very early age. We see the world around us, and know our truth…and then someone tells us a different truth. And that their truth is right. “So I must be wrong,” we think. “I can’t trust this inner guidance. I need to look outside, for someone else to tell me.”

My daughter would remind me that society teaches us to trust societal norms more than we trust ourselves. My years in a cult taught me to trust the “elders,” or those who were somehow closer to God than I was, more than I trusted myself. I grew up learning and knowing there was a right and wrong, and a “right” way to do things. And I knew, inherently, that I couldn’t figure out that right way myself.

Only there isn’t really a right way for most things. And I can really trust myself. I can trust myself to know what’s right for me. (I hear my dear friend who helped me find my way out of the Church, many, many years ago. “What if it’s right?” I kept asking him, in terror. “What if it is right,” he finally answered, “but what if it’s just not right for you?”) I can know what’s right for me. Better than others – especially others who tell me they know better than me.

I can trust myself to find a way out of situations – sometimes pulling through on my own and sometimes asking for help. I can trust myself to take care of myself – even when I’m not sure I can. I can trust myself to know what matters to me – loving the people I love and bringing more love and lightness to the world. And to myself. I can trust myself – I can listen to my body, my heart, my soul, and my mind – to widen my stance in yoga and take the next best steps for my day and my life (and to get my book published ☺).

I can trust myself.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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