That’s what my daughter said to me. “There is no enough for you.”

She was home for spring break and we were spending another hour in the tiny pool at the gym, aqua jogging. She is injured and can’t run right now, so to stay in shape for her track season, she’s aqua jogging. I was aqua jogging right next to her. (Well to be honest, and you’ll probably appreciate the visual, I was aqua jogging right next to her being held up by a light green swim noodle. I don’t really swim and I definitely don’t aqua jog. I’m too solid and can’t tread water. I sink.)

As we “jogged” back and forth across the mini-pool, we passed the time lost in our own thoughts, or talking about anything and everything. At this point we were discussing my need to love her. And her brother. And anyone and everyone who matters to me. My desire and capacity to love.

“There is no enough for you,” she said.

That’s probably true. I do love to love and to be with the people I love. I like to take care of my kids, and to spoil them at times. I like to snuggle. (Ask them. I really like to snuggle.) When my daughter came home for winter break after her first trimester of college, I apparently touched her nonstop. I kept “petting” her, she said. I guess I needed the physical reassurance that she was home, and, in general, I crave physical contact and expressions of love. This time when she was home I simply cleared my calendar as much as possible, and spent as much time with her as she’d let me.

There is no enough for me. I like to stay close to friends from high school. And college. And my semester in Scotland during college. And after college. It’s not that I’m a bottomless pit. It’s just that more always seems better. There’s always room for more.

And I’ll admit it, I like to get a lot of love too. Those who live with me will certainly validate that confession. Ask my husband, my kids. I’m always up for one more hug, one more term of endearment, one more chance to hear how much I matter to them (and share how much they matter to me).

In My Humble Opinion, life is too short not to tell the people you love that you love them. Often. It’s too short not to make time for one more quick cuddle. Often. It’s too short not to snuggle up with my son on the couch, watching Dr. Who, and soaking him up. Often. Not to aqua jog with my daughter, as much as I hate to since I can’t swim, maybe not often, but whenever she wants company. Not to express my love for life…and for my husband and kids and extended family and friends (old and new) and everyone and everything that touches my life and makes it sweeter.

There is no enough for me. I’m good with that.

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