Whenever I write – or gush – about my yellow birds, someone I love very much tells me how she feels the same way about her red birds – cardinals – when she sees them. I always think, “I wish I did too. But I find them a bit boring. They’re too many of them. And they’re not really that pretty.”

I do wish I was excited by cardinals – the red birds – because there are so many of them. I’d see them more often. But up until now, they’ve done nothing for me.

Up until now. Because this last week or so, as the world jumped gloriously into spring, I’ve been noticing the cardinals. Noticing them and appreciating them.

Have they gotten prettier? Have I gotten more willing to see their beauty? I honestly don’t know. I do know that my yellow birds are not only less common and therefore less spot-able, but also they’re just not here yet. I’m happy, therefore, to delight in the cardinals. For whatever reason I now am. I’m happy to have them hold me over until my yellow birds arrive.

I’m thinking of stacking the deck this year. Of finally figuring out exactly what type of bird my yellow birds are, and setting up a feeder with their favorite bird seed. Of doing whatever I can to get more of them around my home, to see them more often. I wonder if I will adore them less if I see them more. Will they be less thrilling, less of a statement of all that is wonderful in the world, if I see one every day? Or almost every day? How about if I see more than one a day?

I think that’s like asking if one can have too much chocolate. Or hugs. Or good cheese. Of course, in theory, you could have too many or too much, but I’ve never gotten there on any of these. I’ve always had room for just a little bit more. I think it’s the same with my yellow birds.

But they’re not here yet, and the red birds are holding me over. They’re flying onto my side porch as I sit outside. They’re crossing my path as I walk down the street. They’re sharing their beauty and their song as I go about my day.

Once again reminding me that all is right with the world and that there is splendor all around me, mine for the taking and the luxuriating in. If I’m willing.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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