“Roll down the window and let the wind blow back your hair. The night’s bustin’ open, these two lanes will take us anywhere…” was supposed to be the quote under my picture in my high school yearbook, but I knew someone else was using that quote, so I picked another. By Bruce of course.

Because Bruce is (and always will be) my favorite musician. And Thunder Road is my favorite song.

Which is why, as I drove home from my amazing weekend away with my amazing lifelong friends, with music blaring to keep me company (and awake), when Thunder Road played off of my shuffled playlist, I sang along at the top of my lungs, and then wished it would play again. But with three hundred and seventy-six songs in the playlist, it was doubtful that it would. It could – I did have two versions of Thunder Road (live and from Born to Run) – but it was doubtful.

But it did. Immediately. The. Next. Song.

Which brings me again to the serendipity of the universe.

I was reading a Harvard Business Review article today about better decision making, and it pointed out that our brains will find meaning and correlation in events that have no meaning and correlation. I suppose that could be what I’m doing with my double-played Thunder Road. I don’t care. Because when the song started again, when I heard the piano and then the harmonica, there was only one word for how I felt. Loved.

Okay, more than one. Loved. Heard. Joyful. Amazing. The live version was even better than the studio version. I sang along, again at the top of my lungs.

I sang along and knew that the universe was on my side. Hearing my needs. And wants. Caring for me and reminding me to care for myself. Reminding me to seize the day – to seize every moment – and live in love. I’d just spent the past two days with three of my most beloved people in the world. (I’m lucky, I have quite a good number of beloved people in my world.) It was a beautiful sunny day. I was on the way home to my beloved husband and son. And Thunder Road was playing.


In. A. Row.

Because I’d “asked” for it.

“It’s a town full of losers, I’m pulling out of here to win.”

Life is good.

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