Again it was yoga. Again it stuck with me.

As we settled into a pose, and into our practice, our instructor reminded us to “bow our heads to our hearts.”

I can often be ruled by my head. My head is not always a pretty place to be. I can be ruled by my fears and worries, and my insecurities and (imagined) frailties. I can be ruled by the stories I make up about other people – what they think, what they want, what they mean, what they think about me. I can be ruled by my to-do list and my need to accomplish and prove.

My heart is a much calmer place.

My heart loves first and asks later. My heart sees goodness in all. My heart laughs and plays and sings. My heart delights. My heart remembers to breathe. And appreciate.

My heart leans towards the sun (even when the sun isn’t out). My heart cares for and comforts others who are in pain. And cares for and comforts me when I’m in pain.

My heart is a beautiful place to be.

I bow my head to my heart.

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