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What the world needs now is love sweet love

I have to kvell.

This weekend was my son’s bar mitzvah. It was amazing. He was amazing. I am very, very proud. And as I often say, very, very lucky.

I want to revel in his accomplishment, and also in the weekend as a whole.

We had a small ceremony and small celebration, but still there were sixty people at our house partying Saturday night. Sixty people whom I love and adore.

As I wandered through my home (ever grateful for Jamie, the woman from the catering company whose job it was to take care of me and make sure I had anything and everything I wanted or needed), I was overwhelmed…in a good way.

Overwhelmed by the love and joy pulsing around me. Everywhere I looked there was someone I cared for, someone I wanted to talk with (whom I might not get to), someone who was important to me.

My cousins who came all the way from Albany. And Maryland. And Long Island. And everywhere. My uncle who helped me with my dad. My husband’s family, that I was lucky enough to marry into and is now my family as well. My dad who showed up for the ceremony and party, even though it’s difficult for him to be in large, loud groups. My mother who, once again, made many many yarmulkes. My in-laws who would do anything for me. My neighborhood friends who came and reveled with us. And the fifteen thirteen-year-old boys who were, I was told, the best-mannered kids our caterer had ever seen at a bar or bat mitzvah.

There was so much love overflowing. In the crazy Hora on our front lawn, my son lifted on a chair. My daughter being one of the people who lifted me on a chair. People spinning and circling and laughing and clapping.

As the evening drew to an end and everyone made their goodbyes, my cousin pulled me close and reminded me of the four-and-a-half years I tried to have my son, who was now a bar mitzvah. She hugged me and looked straight at me. “Life is so amazing,” she said, “life is so amazing when you’re really, really present.”

It is. It was. The day was so amazing, so wonderful, so spectacular. And I was present for it (as much as one can be with sixty people in their home). I was present for the joy. I was present for the celebration. I was present for the love.

I do believe that all we really need, all the world truly needs, is love, sweet love. And, as I’ve said before and will most likely say many times again, there’s so much love there for the noticing and taking, if I’m looking for it and present to it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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I am blessed…

It’s dawning on me again. How blessed I am. I like that feeling.

Again it was yoga, this morning, 6am class, the sun streaming in and into my eyes. And it dawned on me. I am blessed.

Stopping for a latte on the way home and sipping at the milk foam. Sticking my finger in the foam and licking it off. The sun still streaming into my eyes. I am blessed.

I didn’t have to run today – although I love when I do and I’ve got friends who have upped me to 6 mile runs. And I can almost talk through them. I am blessed.

A meeting with a client. I enjoy so many of my clients. I am blessed.

Lunch break – a sandwich loaded with hummus and veggies. Yogurt with fresh blueberries and strawberries. The freedom to work outside on my side porch in the beautiful weather, looking at the gorgeous flowers. I am blessed.

Prepping for my son’s bar mitzvah three days away. And the weather now looks like it won’t rain. I am blessed.

A chance to snuggle up with my kiddies tonight and watch some mindless TV – Chopped with one, Orange is the New Black with the other. Both are around for the summer, and both still like to be with me. I am blessed.

Their dad is out tonight…but in this country and coming home. I am blessed.

This weekend we’ll be surrounded by family we love, although I’ll miss all my friends whom I also adore. I am still blessed.

There is so much. I wanted to get it down on paper (and up in the cloud). I apologize if I’ve blathered on and annoyed you, but I had to express my gratitude and celebration.

Because I am truly blessed.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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Nine essential life-lessons from one of my great teachers…

I am blessed with children who teach me, always. Who remind me of what I know and have forgotten, or what I wish I knew. Or who make me question myself in ways that bring me growth (and joy).

I learned from my daughter, even when she was little. She would be “off” on a day, and I’d look at her and think, “What’s your problem? Why are you so cranky?” Then I’d realize she was only mirroring my stinking mood.

So it’s no surprise that when I read her personal guidelines that she’s written and taped on her wall, they made me pause. And be mindful of life and how amazing it is. And of how amazing she is. (We all know I’m totally objective.)

I think you’ll like her lessons as well:

  • Never stop questioning.
  • Never stop learning.
  • Read the news.
  • Never just do what society says.
  • Know there are no answers but find the truths – people, questioning, giving everyone that opportunity – that keep you sane.
  • Appreciate the little things.
  • Rebel in the little ways – eat at midnight and stay up late talking and wear big earrings and flannels.
  • Allow everyone to have their own truths, but also allow yourself to disagree with them – you’re allowed to be judgmental sometimes.
  • But also don’t force yourself to be cynical and angry – you can question and rebel against society in a way that openly explores and loves the world. Be open to those emotions. Be open to all emotions. Never stop seeking and finding happiness and love even in your questioning.

Never stop seeking and finding happiness and love even in your questioning. I think that’s my favorite.

I’d like to think I’ve taught her these things – at least some of them. Or at least “appreciate the little things.” But I gave up thinking my kids’ amazingness had very much to do with me long ago. They’re pretty much who they are on their own. And my blessing is that I get to watch them and learn.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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