I was on the phone with a client yesterday, and when she asked me how I was, I answered, “Great…really great.”

“Wow,” she replied, “That sounded really real. At least the second ‘great’ sounded like you really meant it.”

“I did,” I answered. “I think I responded with an automatic ‘great’ when you first asked, and then I think I realized I really was great, and responded again.”

I think we respond automatically often. At least I do. I have trained myself over the years to respond with “great” or “wonderful.” I had clients who used to tease me because I was always “wonderful.” I believed – and believe – that by saying I was “great” or “wonderful” or even “spectacular” I would help myself remember to be all those things.

I still think that’s true. I still am confident that if I “act as if” and “say as if,” it will help me “be as if.” ☺

But now I’m also working to really think through my answer – not just to automatically reply but to own my answer and believe my answer. And to be honest with my answer, so that if I’m in a moment where I’m not “great” or “wonderful” or even “spectacular” I can be real and true to where and who I am.

Because don’t we all want to be more real? And to be able to be more real with the people we’re with? Maybe if I’m real I can give permission to those around me to be real. And maybe if I think about my “great” I can really be great.

How are you?

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