Why do I resist it if it helps?

Another morning of yoga and another morning of wisdom.

It’s funny, I had been thinking something along these lines as I walked to my 6am class. I had been facing a challenge, and had found something to ease my way. “A crutch!” my hypercritical voice yelled inside my head. “You’ve used a crutch! You need to be strong!”

How long have I recognized these voices as thoughts that are not in my best interest? How long have I called them out as lies? How long have I thanked them for their care and concern, and turned my mind to other places? And still they sneak up on me.

So I was walking up the street this morning, reminding myself that: first – I didn’t have to be strong. And second – even if I found something to ease my way, that didn’t mean I wasn’t strong. And besides, I didn’t have to be strong.

My yoga instructor echoed my sentiment. She was talking, of course, about the pose and using blocks as a prop and support. I, of course, applied it to my life as a whole.

Why do I resist props and support? What do I think I’m trying to prove? I don’t need to prove anything anymore. I can find ease and support and soothing. And peace and calm and tranquility. Or joy and fun and excitement. I can find and allow all of these, even if it takes a prop or support to get me there. It doesn’t lessen that I’ve gotten there. It doesn’t lessen anything at all. I can use yoga blocks.

I don’t need to resist.

Oh and by the way, yesterday I saw a yellow bird and a humming bird!

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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