As it gets colder out I notice my tendency to look down as I walk. I bundle up against the cold, and keep my face shielded from the wind.

But it’s not just cold weather that keeps me from looking up and noticing what’s around me as I walk. And it’s not just me. I’m not the only one staring at my iPhone, frantically texting (or emailing, or snapchatting, or something-ing) as I walk through my town. I’m not the only one missing the simple sights that surround me – and that could delight me if I only noticed them.

The trees are changing colors. I actually get a bit sad in autumn because I don’t like the cold weather. And while it might not be cold now, as the leaves start to change colors I know that cold is coming. But even I have to admit the fall colors are an amazing show…if you look up and notice them.

I was rushing to my early morning yoga class the other day (yes, I get the irony of rushing to yoga) and nearly missed the gorgeous red berries on the bush I was walking past. Because I had one more text I wanted to get out before I took an hour-long break from texting.

It’s the people sitting at a table, staring at their phones instead of each other. It’s the person missing the curb because they’re frantically thumbing someone something. It’s me finding a reason to pay attention to something other than who I’m with and what’s around me. Which is a bit crazy, especially right now when what’s around me are flaming, beautiful autumn colors. When the trees are putting on a show that I’m missing. When the sky is crystal blue and crisp, the sun is shining, and every where I look there’s a bit of nature to appreciate. Or I could stare at my phone.

I think I’ll look up when I’m walking.

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