It seems contradictory, but I think it’s true.

The way to have more is to accept less…and then focus on more.

Because when I want more, and I get stuck on wanting more, I get stuck. Really stuck. My thoughts circle and circle and circle, and I can’t see my way out. I think it’s a mild form of insanity to think the same thing over and over and over. At least it feels like a mild form of insanity. And when I can’t let go of what I want, I’m there.

I’ve got something that’s bothering me right now. That’s really not sitting right with me. That I’m not very happy about. And I keep thinking it over and over and over, and through and through and through. It doesn’t seem to help. I find my mind wrapping itself around what’s wrong and what I’m not happy about and all that I want that I don’t have…and I feel worse and worse and worse.

But when I accept less, it all eases. When I even think about accepting less – or accepting things as they are – I remember to breathe. I feel the tension release, my shoulders relax, my mind stop it’s endless repeating and justifying and perseverating.

I know this, so why do I forget it? Why do I find myself in the endless loop again and again? Thank god for my yoga practice, because it was (of course) my yoga instructor who reminded me. Well, she reminded the class, and I happened to be present enough to hear her.

And to breathe. And to accept less.

But then the focus on more part? That’s my addition. Because when I accept the less that I think I have, and stop fighting and pushing against everything (and anyone), I feel better. And when I then focus on the more that I actually do have – because there is so much more and wonderful and blessings in my life – I feel even better still.

I really have the power to change my life by changing my thoughts. Or at least to change my mood and my day. I just forget. Or get lazy.

I really have the power to have more by accepting less…and then focusing on the more.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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