Again a yoga instructor reminding me. Again a chance to surrender. Surrender to the moment and to what is right here, right now.

I sometimes think of surrender as only a big, tough thing. Of surrendering to what’s difficult. To what’s painful. To what’s hard.

I realize that I can practice surrendering to the smaller things as well. Specifically to this moment – to what is right here, right now. It may be the pop of a grape in my mouth, or my feet on the ground (in my beloved red high-top sneakers). It may be the sunshine or the sound of leave blowers.

I can surrender to my partner leaving for Europe (again) in a couple of hours, and my child coming home from college in a couple weeks. To the long list of work tasks I need to catch up on, even though it’s Sunday, and the food shopping, and the laundry.

I can surrender to the joy in this moment – in any moment – that I can find. To the laughter and colorful leaves blowing on the trees (and on the ground). To the cup of tea in my hand, the beat of my heart, the sound of my breath moving in and out of my body as I sit to meditate.

I don’t have to only work to accept what’s sore and bitter. I don’t have to view surrendering as a way through my discomfort, although, as always, when I surrender in the midst of my discomfort I do make it through much more easily. I can give myself in and over to any and all beauty as well. To what is.

I can surrender to each and every moment, and when I forget I can surrender to that forgetfulness and surrender again. I can choose to allow (what choice do I really have anyway?) and stop pushing against. Anything. And anyone.

I can surrender to this moment. And then go do the food shopping.

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