At the beginning of each yoga practice, my instructor reminds us to set an intention.

For a while it was always “Love.” I just wanted to feel love. To feel loved and lovable and loving. To give and receive love. Love. Love. Love. I’m pretty sure anyone who knows me pretty well will agree that I can be – I am – all about love.

But recently it’s been different. And it’s been very, very clear. Each time they remind us to close our eyes and set our intention, the words jump to my mind and my silently moving lips before I can even give it any thought.

Unbridled joy.

I started a coaching class recently, aiming to get my necessary CCEs. The instructor there also asked us for an intention for our eight-week class. “Unbridled joy,” was my answer. It resonated within and through me. It was all I was about.

It seems to be my mantra these days. My reason for being. What I am, or at least want to be, about.

I feel myself distracted during the day. I feel myself weighed down by things on my mind, things that aren’t going well, and things out of my control. (Isn’t pretty much everything out of my control?)

Then I remind myself of my quest – my thirst – for unbridled joy, and I actually search to see if I can find a snippet, an ease, a path to what I’m desiring. Sometimes I just bring a smile to my face, even without a reason. Sometimes I breathe in and breathe out and think about all that I’m graced with.

Sometimes it’s hard. And sometimes it’s easy. Some people make it harder (not really, but I like to blame them ☺), and some people make it easier (usually my kids). But I keep myself looking towards my unbridled joy. Or at least bring myself back there when I lose my way.

I’ve been aiming for joy for a long time now. I’ve been thinking about and writing about joy. But unbridled, that’s the new part. That’s the exciting part.

Unrestrained. Unconstrained. Uninhibited. Unrestricted. Unchecked. These synonyms are thrilling.

Rampant. Unstoppable. Uncurbed. Irrepressible.

The kind of joy that makes my heart sing, and my mouth ache from smiling and my sides ache from laughing with friends.

Unbridled joy. That’s my intention. My plan. My goal. My blessing.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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