I can’t practice yoga right now. What will I do?

I have a stress fracture on my right shin. My choices were to (not so smartly) continue with my yoga practice, albeit carefully and sometimes in pain, and to (smartly) take a break from yoga. I want to get better sooner, and I don’t want to experience pain (at least not “bad” exercising pain), so I opted for the second choice.

But boy do I miss it!

I miss the movement and the meditation (although I am still meditating). I miss the quietness and the pushing of my body. I miss the focused intentions and sweat dripping down my face. I miss it.

I also miss the inspiration that I get – and share – from my yoga instructors. The simple reminders. (Well, simple to think about and maybe not so simple to do.) The illuminated path to the stillness in my mind and spirit and life – that I can forget about when I’m not actively conscious of it.

The reminder to be purposeful. To be present. To be grateful and appreciative. To choose joy and love and peace in this world. Especially at a time when the world seems to need a bit more joy and love and peace.

Now I’ll have to find these prompts – this intentionality – in myself.

Which is cool, because without my physical yoga practice to remind me, I’m developing even more of a mental practice. I’m cueing myself even more to set my intentions. I’m cueing myself even more to breathe as fully and presentful-ly as I do in the yoga studio. I’m cueing myself even more to be where I am, accepting of how I am, and letting life flow through me.

And where I am right now? With a broken leg and unable to (physically) practice yoga. If that’s not something to accept, then what is? I know I’ll be back to my practice eventually, and I’ll even, most likely, appreciate it more when I get there. I’ll appreciate the movement and the stillness, the pushing and the releasing, the challenging myself and the letting myself be.

And I guess I’ll find things to write about.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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