A few weeks ago I was meeting with a client.

“I need to be more intentional,” he said to me. “I need to be more focused and intentional in how I spend my day.”

Needless to say, I told him I thought that was a great idea. But then he asked me how he should do it. Or more specifically, how I did it.

“Well,” I answered, “I could start my day – every day – with the intention to fully and expressively love my kids. To connect even more deeply with my clients and provide even more value. To notice the “little things” that bring a smile to my face, and appreciate them even more fully. To be the wife, mother, coach, friend, and person I want to be. I could start every day – before my feet even hit the ground – like that.”

“Wow,” he said. “That’s what you do?”

I was honest. “No,” I replied. “I don’t. At least not yet. But I could.”

It struck me, as I spoke with him, how easy it was for me to list the way I would like to start my day. The intentionality that I thought – no knew – would focus me and more likely bring about the kind of day I’d love to have. It was easy to list. So why was it hard to do?

But it’s not hard to do. That’s what I’ve realized. Since that conversation I’ve started many a morning – before my feet even hit the ground – setting my intentions. These intentions.

I intend to come from love every day. And to come even more from love. And even more from love. To remember how much I love the people I love, even when I might be annoyed in the moment. And to remember the humanity in the people I interact with, even if I don’t love them. Or don’t know them well enough to love them.

I intend to hug my kids, to bring a smile to my husband’s face, to listen even more fully to my clients, to go even deeper where it’s needed or lighter when that’s what’s best, to share a laugh with a stranger. I intend all these things.

I intend to look for the simple pleasures – my cup of coffee, my comfy sweats, the sunshine, a good book, lemon opal basil sorbet.

I intend to focus and to intend. To live my life fully and love and laugh with all my heart.

That’s how I start my day. All because my client asked me how he could be more intentional.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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