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Radically me

I’ve written about my yoga intentions before. Before each yoga practice they suggest we set an intention for the practice, for our yoga, for our day, and, in fact, for our life. For the longest time my intention was “unbridled joy.”

That served me well, but for now at least, it’s changed.

Now the first thought that comes to mind when an intention is suggested is, “radically me.”

I want to be radically me. I want to be myself, and to be okay with being myself. To be willing to be – just be – warts and all. I want to accept myself even more, albeit while always trying to be my best self. But to just let myself BE.

Being radically me means, to me, being my most vibrant self. It means letting myself laugh louder, play harder, and share more of myself with those around me. It means being willing to disagree, to mess up, and to make messes. It means being willing to say I’m sorry, to say I love you, and to say this is what I want.

It means being willing to want what I want and to be who I am, and to be okay if not everyone else agrees with me…or likes me. I’ve always thought of myself as a “people person, “ and I still do, but recently I’ve run into a few people who pretty clearly didn’t like me. I’ve had to learn to be okay with that.

Being radically me means that I will dress as I want to – I’ve always dressed a little radically – and do what I want to. It means I’ll stop making excuses and trying so hard to be what others want me to be.

I’m just going to be radically me.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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If you’re struggling, why bother?

Thank god I’m back to my yoga practice.

First of all, I missed it. I had no idea how much I missed it until my first time back. I also had no idea how sore it would make me and how hard it was to do, after nearly two months off.

Second, I missed my instructors’ words of wisdom. I had no idea how much I missed that either.

This past week, this is what I heard – “If you’re struggling, why bother?”

Needless to say, I laughed out loud when the instructor said that, in the middle of one of our poses. Well, maybe it’s not needless to say, because I don’t think anyone else laughed out loud.

But I did. Because the thought not bothering was enlightening and illuminating – and it should have been a “duh-uh” but I often forget to let it dawn on me that if I’m struggling I can just stop.

Now, admittedly, there are times when struggle has a purpose, or a benefit. There are times when you need to stay in the midst of it, perhaps, to find your way through or to accomplish something. But there are times when we – okay, when I – struggle and struggle and struggle, while all along I could have just said, “F–k it. Why bother?”

So I offer that thought out to the universe now. If you’re struggling, why bother? If you have a reason to bother, keep going and keep taking care of yourself along the way. But if you’re just doing it out of habit, or because you think you should, then stop.

“If you’re struggling, why bother?”

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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My need for you to get me is exhausting

I’ve decided to stop it. I’ve decided to (do my best to) stop trying to convince others, or explain myself to others. To stop telling my stories so they’ll understand, and understand me better. To stop needing them to get me.

Because what’s the big deal anyway, if they don’t get me? What’s the big deal if people, even the people I love and am closest to, don’t ever fully comprehend me? If they look at me and think, “I just don’t get it.” or “I just don’t get her.” If I seem somehow unfathomable?

It’s been exhausting trying to explain. It’s been exhausting thinking that I had to justify, to make sense.

I love people who, at least sometimes, seem unfathomable to me. I look at them and think, “Why do they do that?” and “I’d never see it that way.” But I don’t let their foreignness (to me) get in the way. So why do I think I have to make sense to all of them?

Besides, I’ve found that explaining myself, and needing anyone – especially some people – to get me only leads me to defending my position and my thoughts in ways that can keep me stuck in my position and my thoughts. And usually, or at least often, the things I’m trying to explain are thoughts and reasons I’m trying to get away from. That I no longer need.

I put into words – a lot of words – my seemingly over-reaction to something simple. “Well, this happened and this happened and this happened to me,” I say, as if to enlighten. You know what, I’d rather forget this and this and this and just move on, over-reaction and all.

When I no longer need others to get me, I let myself be a bit more. I let my emotions and responses and thought patterns just be okay.

And that’s a hell of a lot easier.

So I’ve decided that it’s okay if you don’t get me. Or I don’t get you. I get myself and you get yourself, and that can be enough.

I’ve decided to stop.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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