“Commit!” she yelled, as we headed across the street.

Well, not yelled, but definitely shouted a bit, or at least she emphatically emphasized the word.

We were in Madrid, and in order to cross the street – pretty much any street – successfully, we had to commit. To decide to move, and then to just do it. Because if we hesitated, even for a second it seemed, the taxis would pull out in front of us.

The streets in Madrid were crowded and moving. Full of people, cars, motorbikes – all moving forward and sideways and seemingly all over the place. And in order to get anywhere, we had to move with certainty.

I think “Commit” applies to more than crossing the street during our week in Madrid.

“Commit!” make me think of jumping into life. Of giving it – whatever it is – my all. Of finding the thing that excites me, the path that I want to take, and then taking it.

“Commit!” as I choose to spend time with my family, so that I’m really with them when I’m with them. “Commit!” as I work on my blog, or my book, or my work. “Commit!” as I head to the gym, or to yoga, or for a run (as I work back into running).

“Commit!” as I take time off to goof-off, and to play. As I read a book. As I hang out with friends.


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2 thoughts on “Commit!!

  1. I have to say that so much of what you have been writing about lately has really been resonating! Thank you for your amazing ability to see it, feel it and write about it; or to use todays lesson – “Commit” to it!

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