“Commit!” she yelled, as we headed across the street.

Well, not yelled, but definitely shouted a bit, or at least she emphatically emphasized the word.

We were in Madrid, and in order to cross the street – pretty much any street – successfully, we had to commit. To decide to move, and then to just do it. Because if we hesitated, even for a second it seemed, the taxis would pull out in front of us.

The streets in Madrid were crowded and moving. Full of people, cars, motorbikes – all moving forward and sideways and seemingly all over the place. And in order to get anywhere, we had to move with certainty.

I think “Commit” applies to more than crossing the street during our week in Madrid.

“Commit!” make me think of jumping into life. Of giving it – whatever it is – my all. Of finding the thing that excites me, the path that I want to take, and then taking it.

“Commit!” as I choose to spend time with my family, so that I’m really with them when I’m with them. “Commit!” as I work on my blog, or my book, or my work. “Commit!” as I head to the gym, or to yoga, or for a run (as I work back into running).

“Commit!” as I take time off to goof-off, and to play. As I read a book. As I hang out with friends.


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