I was in my favorite coffee shop the other day, waiting for my 16-oz skim latte with an extra decaf shot. I get that drink so often, that I bring my own cup and have my own button on their iPad register.

I’m minding my own business, as much as I ever do – I’ve decided I like to connect with strangers and not-so-strangers, to see how many people I can laugh with and make smile in a day – and a man whom I’ve barely spoken to comes back up to the coffee bar, where I’m waiting.

“Excuse me,” he says, “I had to ask you this, even though it might seem weird…”

Needless to say, my curiosity was piqued.

“Have you ever thought of being a coxswain?” he asked. “I’m a crew coach.”

I laughed. “Well,” I answered, “I don’t know if I have, but it’s been suggested to me many times before.” (Although not by a complete stranger, I thought.)

“You have the demeanor.”

I laughed again. You see, for those of you who don’t know me, I’ve always claimed to be five feet tall, but I never was. And now I’m even shorter. Going in the wrong direction, I say.

“The demeanor?” I asked, looking at him, laughing still.

“Maybe the size as well. But definitely the demeanor.”

“Well, I can be loud, and I do like to tell people what to do. But I am short. And strong.”

“Think about it,” he said.

“I will,” I answered, and asked for his name and number. I’m always looking for more and new ways to have fun while exercising, and I’ve thought it would be cool to be part of a team, and a team sport.

Still, I don’t really think I’ll do it. For one thing I’m busy, very busy. And for another, probably at least as important if not more important, I can’t swim and I don’t really, therefore, like being in the water. If I were a coxswain, my team would have to promise to never capsize the boat.

But it made me laugh. And it’s still making me laugh. That upon interacting with me for less than a few minutes, someone would be able to get me that much. Well, except for the not being able to swim part.

It’s inspiring to me that we can connect that easily with others. That, in some ways, he made my day. That I seem approachable enough that he could ask me to be his team’s coxswain.

Because I have the demeanor.

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