Another thought shared by another yoga instructor. Another one that sunk in.

What would life be like if I walked as if my feet were kissing the earth? What does that even mean?

When I envision my feet kissing the earth, I feel grace and ease. Instinctively I know that I can’t walk as if my feet are kissing the earth without being in a state of wild appreciation and boundless joy. The very words bring me a sense of oneness with life and with the universe, of connection to the earth spirit – Mother Earth if you will. I feel automatically, unquestionably, limitless and abundant. And free.

Can I allow myself to walk this way? Will I allow myself this connection with the ground beneath me, and the infinite powers of all existence?

I know this all sounds heady, but it’s where this thought takes me. And at the same time, to, somewhat, bring this down to earth, I think of Dr. Who. Yes, Dr. Who. Most likely David Tennant, although maybe Matt Smith, as I am usually torn between the two of them. I think of their ultimate reverence for life – for the universe, the world(s) within, and for human beings. Can I walk in that reverence as well?

Lastly, when I contemplate walking as if my feet are kissing the earth, I realize that I can’t walk with this appreciation and love for all around me if I don’t walk in the same appreciation and love for myself. That just as the earth is sacred, so too am I. That just as the earth is a treasure, so too am I. The earth – the very blessing of being alive on this earth – is to be treasured. As am I.

This boundless joy and wild appreciation – of all around and inside of me – is mine to have…if I can only walk as if my feet are kissing the earth.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!