Where did I hear this? I’m not sure. It obviously could have been my yoga class. It could have been something I read. It could have just come from me.

However I got this, I treasure it. I strive to remember it more and more.

Life can be – is – over in a blink of the moment. All I have is this moment. And now this one. And now this one.

Life is a series of now’s, and I’m often not paying attention to those now’s. Therefore I’m missing them. That’s not okay with me, or for me, anymore.

My life is busy right now, and wonderful. Even in this busyness I can slow down. Even as I move quickly to get it all done, I can mentally move more in ease. I can notice, observe, and appreciate. I can pause. Really pause. And pause again.

I can breathe. I can breathe mindfully. I can take a moment and smile. I can rush where I’m rushing to and also be aware of who and what is around me. Or I can even stop rushing. Or even just stop rushing for an instant…or longer.

Sooner than I care to admit my younger child will also be off to college. And my older child will be who knows where in the next chapter of their life. Sooner than I care to admit I might not have the same friends and family members so close around and easy to see. I may not have the same flexibility with my time, or wonderful people around me, or gorgeous sunset right in front of me.

Life is short. Life can be hard. And life can be – is – beautiful. It’s up to me to slow down and savor it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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