Way Out is going through changes. The title is changing (stay tuned), and I’ll hopefully soon be sending the manuscript out again to search for an agent and a publishing house home.

As part of that process, I need to increase the readership of my blog. The bigger the audience, the better the book will launch. Very, very simple.

In order to grow my audience, it’s been suggested I create a giveaway for my site – something that people will get when they sign up for the blog, that will therefore make them want to sign up for the blog. And I would love your help, each and every one of you, in what I should offer.

A few ideas have been suggested to me, and they are listed below. Please let me know which of them you would like most to receive, or which you think would be most effective in bringing in the masses. Or suggest one/some of your own.

Thank you in advance! I’m excited to take this next step in birthing this baby!!


  • A download of the first chapter
  • A top-ten list of the tools and tips that have helped me survive and thrive
  • A book of coloring pages with quotes from the book
  • Recommended reading list
  • An e-book of quotes and inspiration that have helped me along the way
  • What else?

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