As a coach, I often encourage people towards curiosity.

We can walk through life knowing so much. So certain of our point of view, and so absolute in our certainty. Yet there are gifts in curiosity.

Or we can approach things with uncertainty, with doubt and self-doubt. Unsure of ourselves, our actions, our decisions, at times our very being and reason for being. Again there are gifts in curiosity.

Or maybe it’s just me who can radically vacillate between these two. Absolutely certain without a doubt, and doubting everything especially myself.

When I can be curious, so much eases, and I learn so much. I receive such gifts.

When I’m curious:

  • I’m open to possibilities I’ve never even imagined
  • I’m open to others, and more likely to fill my life with love and joy
  • I am released from skepticism and cynicism, from uneasiness and insecurity, from criticism of myself and others
  • I learn things, and about things
  • I learn about others, even those I thought I knew everything about…and I’m often blown away
  • I have more fun

There are gifts in curiosity. And all it often takes is a few simple questions. All it often takes is asking: Why? Or why not? What else? Or what am I missing? What if I’m wrong? Or what if I’m right? What if I can trust others? What if I can trust myself?

And what if everything’s really okay?

There are gifts in coming at life, and at others, with a curious mind, heart, and soul.

How can I be more curious? How can you?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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