Okay, so here’s my new yoga mantra. The thought that permeates my being as we stand in mountain pose, about to start our practice. “Just be me.”

I am on a quest, a journey, a discovery, to just be. And to just be me.

I know I have old habits of trying hard, and trying hard to please. I’m sure I slip into what’s needed or necessary or “best” in a situation, without even thinking about it. I’m pretty certain that when I’m on auto-drive, I’m – perhaps unconsciously – molding myself to show up right.

Old habits can die hard. But they can die.

I want to live fully, freely, completely me in every moment. To allow my joy and my pain. To embrace it all. To be easy to be around and to be difficult. To just be, without censoring it.

How much time and energy do many of us waste in sanitizing ourselves? In cutting out the parts we think we’re not supposed to have or be, or not supposed to have or be here. Or with this person.

I want to just be. And to just be me.

I realize that no one is asking me not be me. At least they’re not any more. And if they are, who cares? I realize I ask it of myself. And I realize that I can stop.

I want to welcome with open arms my good and my bad, my whole and my broken, my light and my dark. I want to start my love affair with myself, to love and accept myself more and more and more.

To just be. And to just be me.

That is my yoga mantra and intention. That is my goal. To allow. To breathe. To be.


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