Yes, another thought provoking comment by my yoga instructor. This one caused me to pause.

I was explaining to a client recently how I intentionally hold contradictory “thought spaces” in my mind – such as my joy of letting go of my perfectionism and my belief that the present is perfect just as it is. Holding those two opposing perspectives and allowing their opposition stretches my view of the world and my brain. In a good way.

Here is another contradiction to open my mind to – that while I am letting go of struggle, I can also know that my struggle, when it happens, helps the world become more perfect.

That my willingness to walk through my darkness and challenges can bring more peace and lightness to the world – even if I don’t know exactly how. Or why. That my willingness to face my trials and tribulations – real and imagined, in yoga and in life – can somehow allow more ease to others around me.

I don’t have to understand it, but I can enjoy it.

I don’t take this new concept as a reason to struggle, and struggle more, but sometimes life – and yoga – is demanding and tough. Sometimes striving is a positive response. Sometimes we’re faced with things that test us, no matter how evolved we try to be. At least sometimes I am. And the concept that this striving and struggle has a positive effect – that it can cause good and lightness and love – inspires me.

Sometimes, as I relax into a pose that is difficult for me or I breathe through a fear or tough situation (or person) it’s soothing to remember that my struggle can open the way for calm, care, and serenity for the world. For my joy and ease and peace.

Maybe it’s just me. But when she said it, it caused me to pause, and it brings me relief and release.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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