Last week, when I blogged about my dad and how much his situation sucks, I got a lot of responses with a lot of love. A ton of support. Compassion, understanding, and, mostly, love.

Boy did it feel good!

One of the emails I received from a dear, dear friend reminded me to keep an eye out for my yellow birds. And, perhaps needless to say, I saw my first just the other day. Pretty much just after my friend suggested I keep an eye out for them.

I love my yellow birds! As I’ve written before, they fill me with delight and remind me that, no matter how it may seem at the time, all is truly well with the world. With my world. That there is beauty and love and joy that’s mine for the taking, if I’m only open to it and looking for it.

If I had my way, I’d see yellow birds every day. More than once a day. And maybe that’s possible, but it hasn’t happened yet.

So I’ve also learned (or decided) to create my own yellow (birds). Hence my yellow rain boots.

I had yellow rain boots maybe a gazillion years ago. A gazillion, but still in my (young) adult years. I loved them. They brightened rainy days and my mood. But somewhere along the way, I must have gotten rid of them.

And then I saw these in a magazine, and I ordered them, as a gift for myself. I think they’re even yellower. They seem brighter. They’re definitely funkier as my first ones didn’t have big bows. And maybe because I’m older (a gazillion years older), they seem more obnoxious.

And I think I love them even more. I wore them yesterday, and even though there were no yellow birds in my path, every time I looked down at my feet I was filled delight. People stop me in the street to comment on them – I guess they delight other people too. They definitely give me a chance to exchange a smile or two with strangers, which also fills me with delight.

I’ve created my own yellow. I’ll continue to keep my eyes out for my yellow birds. I know I’ll see more and more, and look for more and more and more. But for now, I’ve also created my own yellow. And my own delight.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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