My mother was here a few days ago, to celebrate my son’s “graduation” from 8th grade. She asked me if I’d seen any yellow birds recently. I told her no.

I haven’t seen any, and I miss them.

This morning I was driving back from the gym and I realized I was driving and watching the road, and also looking around for yellow birds.

“I really want to see a yellow bird,” I thought.

“You can’t ask to seem them on demand,” I thought next.

I turned the corner, turned into my driveway, and guess what I saw? I guess I can ask to see them on demand.

A yellow bird must have been sitting right on our driveway, because as I pulled the car in, it flew away. Away but close enough that I could follow it…and follow it…and follow it. It flew from neighborhood tree to neighborhood tree for about five minutes, and I watched it – and was in awe – until it flew away.

It always amazes me how easy it is to have what I want, when I’m loose about what I want and I don’t get obsessive. It always amazes me that I’m amazed when I see a yellow bird immediately after acknowledging that I want to see a yellow bird. It amazes me that I see one, and it amazes me that I’m amazed.

When will I learn?

When will I fully remember that the joy and delight (and yellow birds) I’m looking for are right before me? When will I fully remember not to doubt? Maybe part of my joy is a bit of doubting and then – smack in my face – there’s a yellow bird.

Ask and ye shall receive. Seek and ye shall find.

Even yellow birds.

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