That’s what my yoga instructor said to us today, mid-pose. It resonates.

It’s what I say when I’m leading experiential exercises for work. “How you act in these exercises just might be what you’re doing at work…and in life,” I announce.

We think we’re very different in different situations, but often we’re not. If we’re loud, we’re loud. If we’re reserved, we’re reserved. If we dominate, we dominate. And, as my yoga instructor was pointing out, if we lambast ourselves for some things, chances are strong we do that for many things. If we (okay if I) try too hard on our mat, we’re most likely trying too hard elsewhere.

I know I like to try hard. I’ve blogged about it. I especially like to try hard physically – to lift more, run faster (okay, maybe just farther), to push my body to its limits. It feels good when I do. But if I’m pushing too much, especially in yoga, is that how I want to be?

Yoga, at least the yoga I practice, is a fine balance of effort and ease. Of working a bit harder and relaxing into it. Of moving to, and maybe past, your limit and letting your limit be enough. It’s hard yoga – sweating, moving, strength building yoga. And also calm yoga – breathing, easing, flowing yoga.

Isn’t that a metaphor for life? And when I remember that how I show up on my yoga mat is a microcosm of how I show up in life, it can help me be more intentional about how I show up on my yoga mat. And in my life.

I can watch myself in my yoga practice, and watch myself in my life. I can ease and flow, and relax and stretch, and praise and enjoy, and push and release. I can sweat and breathe and notice and rejoice.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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