I can feel good even if nothing changes

Isn’t that the idea? To feel good no matter what?

There are things I wish were different, within me and outside of me. There are things that I want to happen – like finding a publisher for Raising Myself. There are people I wish would change, or at least change how they act around me. There are parts of myself that I’m working on, that I wish weren’t always the way they are (or at least not as often).

But that’s what I’ve got right now. And I need to let that be enough.

It’s acceptance, still, right? Again? Accepting that things are as they are, and letting go of my need to change them and to fix them. To make them better. To make me better. Or perhaps it’s giving it my best shot to fix things and make them better…and then just being okay with what is.

It’s knowing that I can choose to be happy – I can choose to feel good – even with things as they are. And when I don’t feel good, when the feelings overtake me, to even be good with that.

I can focus on something else. I can notice what is right. I can find a reason to smile. I can find someone to love. I can breathe deep and enjoy the day, and look for yellow birds. I can dive into my yoga practice and my run and my meditation. I can delight in the fresh fruit of the season. And relish my clients and my work. I can read a book. Or write a book. Or look at the sky. And the stars. And the flowers.

I can feel good. Even if nothing changes.

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4 thoughts on “I can feel good even if nothing changes

  1. Indeed! It always seems to come down to choice and acceptance of the changes that do not happen as we would like.

  2. Good advice, Lisa. Today I woke up in a terrible non-work mood. I thought, “I’ll just take the day off, and somehow suffer through the day.” Then I decided to stop thinking about how I was feeling and just get down to work. And the work is going really well. Glad I made that choice.

    1. Thanks David. I’m glad you made that choice as well, and it always amazes me how it nearly always, if not always, comes down to a choice.

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