I was in an elevator in a large office building in New York City. A crowded elevator. A crowded silent elevator. Suddenly there was the weirdest sound – the “bugle” call from Robin Hood.

“Did anyone hear that?” someone asked. No one answered.

I contemplated saying nothing, but then I spoke up. I didn’t want to leave him thinking he was the only one who heard that weird sound. “It was my phone,” I said. “A text message.”

That’s the sound my phone plays when I get a text message from my daughter. “Sherwood Forest” it’s called. When my son texts me it’s Doctor Who (Matt Smith) saying “You’ve got a text message. Texts messages are cool.” When he calls me it’s the Matt Smith theme song (not the general theme song). When my daughter calls me it’s her voice asking me to pick her up after practice and make her dinner. When my husband calls me it’s our (cheesy) wedding song. When the rest of you call me, it’s “Rosalita.”

My husband told me I had too much extra time on my hands when I set this all up. I knew that wasn’t true. I also knew why – clearly why – I was taking the time to do it. First, rationally, because it’s important for me to know when my daughter, son, or husband want to get in touch with me. Those texts and phone calls I might immediately answer.

But second, and at least as important if not more important? It makes me smile. Every single time. Especially my daughter “asking” me to pick her up from practice. Especially since she’s over a thousand miles away. Sometimes I don’t even want to answer the phone, because I like hearing her voice. Which I know makes no sense because if I answer the phone I’ll hear her voice.

Spending a few minutes finding and setting up these ringtones was worth the joy I feel each time I hear them. “Rosalita?” No brainer. Anyone who knows me knows why. Bruce fan? Just maybe.

I spend time looking for things – actively noticing things – that will light my heart and bring me a smile. Like the two yellow birds flying past today. I see them because I intentionally look for them. (I try not to when I’m driving.) And, apparently, I spend time setting up things that will light my heart and bring me a smile.

Life is too short not to smile. Life can be too tough not to lighten it. Life is better when I’m laughing. So I’m creating reasons to laugh. And to remember how much (and who) I love.

Try it. Find a text tone(s) or ringtone(s) that will light your heart. And let me know how it works.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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