I heard this recently. It stuck with me. What if I went into every day with the sole – or at least major – intention of being happy? What if I remembered, and practiced, what I preach? Even more than I do now.

I remind clients that they always have a choice. I know it’s true. I always have a choice as to how I feel or what I do about a situation or a person. I always have a choice – although sometimes I may feel like I don’t – about what I think about and focus on, and that always affects how I feel.

I may not be able to control the first wave of emotion that overtakes me when something happens. When I’m triggered, or something or someone touches a sore spot, the wave of anger, fear, pain, anguish, or whatever that floods me may be out of my control. But I am in charge of how long I stay there, and whether I choose to fuel that fire by remembering all the other times I’ve been hurt or whether I choose to soothe myself. Or distract myself.

If I decide I’m going to be happy today, I’ll probably pick a few less fights or nag a little less. I might let more nitpicky issues go by, because they really don’t matter. I might not remind a family member one more time to do the thing I’ve asked them to do, and I might give more people – strangers and loved ones – the benefit of the doubt when they seem in a snarly mood, or even just snarly to me.

If I decide I’m going to be happy, I might catch myself worrying and let it go more quickly. I might pause more often to notice the beauty around me. I might delight in the delightful people and places that I’m surrounded by, and search out anything that satisfies my soul. I might tell more jokes, and find more reasons to laugh. I might savor and bask more, and play and giggle more.

If I decide I’m going to be happy, it might be a better day.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!