I listen and learn from others around me. A lot. I even go so far as to quote many of my yoga instructors. A lot. But today I got two pieces of guidance and advice that I’m not taking.

This morning started with a quick trip to the gym to lift. My daughter has me on a four-day-a-week lifting schedule, and it made sense to get in a workout today before my yoga class. I know it seems like a lot, and it may be a lot, but it’s right by me.

I had barely enough time, so was slightly speeding through the gym. I said hello to a few friends – actually, “hello” and “I gotta run.” One of my friends called after me, “you have to slow down.”

People have said that before – well, mostly my mother. I laughed (to myself) when my friend said it this morning. I get why she said it. I sometimes look like I’m rushing too much. When people tell me they want to grab coffee with me and I tell them I’ve got time in three-to-four weeks, they invariably tell me my life is too full, or I’m too busy. They say – or imply – that I have to slow down.

The truth is there are times I do have to slow down. And then there are times I’m rushing so that I can easily carve out time to slow down. My calendar is often booked because on top of my work, I’ve scheduled my slow moments and my play. And I protect them. Bottom line, despite the great advice I get from the sidelines, I know I’m doing okay and I know when I actually do need to slow down, and what I have to do to do it.

Second piece of advice I need to ignore? After I sped through my lifting, I made it to my yoga class to slow down. At one point the instructor reminded us that, “if you’re feeling fatigued, that’s the time to push through.” I smiled as she said that, and knew it wasn’t true for me.

People tell me to slow down because I usually am pushing through. I very rarely, if ever, need reminders to push through. I have needed to learn to not push through.

I go slow a lot, even if others don’t see it. I probably push through a good deal, but much less than I used to. All in all, I’m walking that balance every day, and staying mindful and in choice about whether I’m going fast or slow, and when I need to push through or ease off.

I’m following my own advice.

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