I was away for six days. Roadtripping with my child with no clear purpose or agenda other than to see things and have fun.

We’d gone on trips before, but they’d always been stressful moments – the New England college tour, the New England college tour II, the trip out to the college of choice. We always have fun; I think I’m safe to say we love each other’s company. But each trip was stressful and laden with pressure and a bit of anxiety and nerves.

So we decided to take a trip only about enjoyment – each other, where we ended up, the journey (and laughter) along the way.

We went to DC, Richmond, and Charlottesville. I’m not sure why we chose those places except that they were somewhat close. Fascinatingly, as if we planned it out well, we spent one early evening in the Lincoln Memorial, one full day in the Museum of African American History and Culture, and the following day at the Confederate White House and museum. An interesting juxtaposition and path, to say the least.

But mostly we did nothing. Together. We made sure (my insistence) to have great third-wave coffee each morning, walked a lot of blocks and looked at a lot of columns (I’d never noticed, but apparently Washington and Richmond and even Charlottesville are all ripe with columns), stopped in (never too many) thrift stores and craft fairs, and ended each day’s journey with a good dinner.

And of course we laughed a lot.

We laughed as we drove along the Sky Line Highway in the fog. (Not a very smart thing to do.) We laughed at the weird highway signs and cars we passed along our way. We laughed at my mispronunciations and wrong words. Mostly we just laughed.

There is joy in doing nothing. There is joy in laughter. There is joy in joy.

I had a blessed time.

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